Sunday, March 29, 2015

Drumroll please!

So at 21 weeks we've finally decided on a name for our soon to be new princess!


There were a good handful of names up on our name board that I really liked but none that felt like that was her name.. For a long time I really was leaning towards Aubree or Zoe (but pronounced zoey).. Kylie just feels like that's her name. Jayne is my mom's middle name, spelled just like that.

And it rolls nicely together Kenzie and Kylie . ❤ 
I've finally felt the attachment towards her this week and was dying to give her an identity...

We can't wait to meet you sweet girl!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Our little close to perfect weekend

This past weekend we didn't do much of anything... Probably what made it so perfect. Not that we've been very busy but pretty much every weekend there is something we're going to.

My hunny and I got along great. If you know us..some bickering and sarcasm is our love language <3 But this weekend there were no disagreements and just we were on the same page.

Little Kenzie girl, well she was pretty great too. Being alone with her all the time, pretty much 24/7 can be a little tough some days but we had a good weekend together.

On Saturday morning.. little babe #2 had me up early and Bob left early for a fishing tournament..So I had some "me" time before Kenz woke up. I was on the hunt for some backyard toys. I was all over craigslist and then came across a sandbox on one of our local Facebook swap pages.. I just asked the woman if she happened to have anything else and she sent me a picture.. SCORE! She offered the sandbox and old school play house with slide for just $15! I say old school cuz my sisters and I used to have the same little house and we always played in it!

My yard now looks like Little Tikes Central..

Between naps and picking up all of our new toys, we made a little stop at Walmart and stocked up on some t-shirts for miss little 3T. Seriously the best place to grab play clothes.. under $4-$5 a piece!
I also got a blow up pool for her.. even though we have a pool some days it may just be easier to let her get in the pool by herself and splish splash and play. Plus it was like $7 I couldn't resist.

I've been trying to prep our house for a busy Summer since I may not want to leave the house that much... Hopefully for her birthday too maybe we'll get some other little activity things to keep her entertained.

After Wal Mart we raced over to watch the weigh in where we saw our friends.

Funny thing.. Bob and Beau were supposed to fish the tournament together but plans changed for Beau.. and then the night before the tourney his plans fell through so he ended up calling to see if they still wanted to do it together... well Bob had already found another partner and couldn't just bail on his other buddy.. but guess what.. Beau ended up winning the tournament! We're happy for them, especially since it was a nice payout!

Bob didn't have a great day..womp womp but at least our friends won!
Afterwards we just had a relaxed evening.. I made eggs, turkey bacon and hashbrowns for dinner.. Some days those are the best dinners..breakfast for dinner.

Sunday, again I was up first.. I've been having pretty bad insomnia with this pregnancy and don't sleep very well. I started watching this new old show on Netflix, Hart of Dixie. It's cute.. and is something to watch if nothing is on. I watched that while started "pinning" for a 2nd birthday party all morning. Wahh.. I can't believe I will have a 2 year old.

Bob is still usually up about 5 even on the weekends.. he's just used to waking up early.. but this day he slept in...very rare. But he obviously needs to rest. Always movin that guy.. He never just takes a rest day or hour ;)

But once they both woke up.. that's all we did all day.. Just relaxed. I'd say a lazy day hanging out together but we still did yard work and play outside so it wasn't too lazy.

I made him take my 20week pic with my little 21 month old. Excuse our bed head. We didn't brush it all day..oops.


That lasted seriously forever and everyone was pooped after.. Dogs and babe! And well yah mom n dad!

We ended the weekend with a nice little bbq over at Grandma and Grandpa's since these cuties were having a blast at Spring Training in Arizona for 10days! 

This is her having a green beer for me on St. Paddie's Day! Love them!

It was a great weekend! Looking forward to the next like this!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Wine, Bachelor and Yoga Pants {GIVEAWAY!}

So I have something exciting this morning! I am not a huge diehard Bachelor fan but sometimes, depending on if I happened to tune in one season, like I did with Andy (bachelorette) I wanted to watch Chris be the Bachelor afterwards. So.. I was glued to this past season of Chris where he chose Whitney (below).

I loved throughout this season of the Bachelor following some of the girls on Insta.. Some of these girls just brought good  bad, guilty pleasure entertainment! And I kept seeing all the girls post a selfie of themselves in this shirt below. Turns out.. it's my sister's roommate's company! When we went down to see her in January we got to take home our first O.W.L shirts. They are just cute tops! Perfect workout or lounge shirts.

After I saw Whitney's picture, I tagged my sis on it saying something like how exciting, they must be doing so well after that shirt!
And.. what do you know about 2 days later I had 2 shirts in the mail..One for me, and one to give away to one of you lucky little Bachelor fans!

Ps. I feel like I should clear it up.. Whitney is definitely not the prego belly ;) . Thank goodness my shirt fits my lovely lady bump.

Here's Whitney's caption from her instapost.. maybe the code still works (just sayin).

Alright y'all. I'm sure you've seen my girls sporting these tanks and its all for a great cause! Purchase yours at and 10% of your sale will go to animals in need of love. Lillie is just as excited as I am . Discount code BACHELOR

Who's excited?! Here's how to enter:

-Comment below with your email address.
-Then, if you'd like an extra entry- you can find me and follow me on Insta (here). Leave a comment there letting me know if you're Team Brit or Team Kaitlyn!

So that's 2 entries you can receive!

Next Monday (3/30) I'll pick the lucky winner and announce on my Insta.

P.S.S. You should definitely try Organic Wine Lounge's wine! So delish and with every bottle that is purchased this allows OWL to give back to an animal shelter or rescue! They offer Organic and also Vegan wines! Of course I've tried the Chard.. was so good!

♥♥Go check it out and good luck!