Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Cheap & Easy DIY

We sorta threw a Baby Sprinkle together for our friend and her soon to be baby girl. I always thought I was a procrastinator until this party. I realized.. I’m a planner, I need to plan shit out way in advance so I have enough time to buy or make things. I helped my friend plan it ( at her house) and she’s the complete opposite.. Her style, figure it all out the week of. Ah the party was a blast but as you can see it kinda looks like we just threw it together.

We used a whole bunch of leftover supplies from both of our girl’s birthday parties and then we thought the nursery was coral and teal.. thus my project..


Now for the DIY Project.. Ready?.. So easy..


Here’s my Pinspiration..

Cupcake baby shower "sprinkled with love" @Lindsay Dillon J like more these colors  very cute sprinkle. used the hanging dot idea for Julie's sprinkle  2013



Paint sample cards

Fishing line


BOOM! That’s it!


I went to Lowes. Raided the paint samples. Legit felt like I was shoplifting. It just felt wrong to take as much as I did but I really didn’t know the exact plan yet, just had an idea what to get. Tip: Try to get the bigger paint chip samples..


Then I traced different size circles and cut out by hand. I don’t have a “CRAFT ROOM” so this was actually a little bit of a pain since I had to do during nap times.. Take out and put away everytime..It probably took me a few days to get all these done with the spare time I had during her naps..

Afterward, I just laid out different colors and sizes and taped the back to fishing line. (I tried hot glue.. don’t waste your time.. tape is so much easier and worked better).




Now that I look at the picture it looks kinda random but Ash was giving Jessica that cute chandelier that’s hanging on the wall so we thought the curtain of paint chips was cute behind the chandelier.

Anyways this is a super easy and actually it was all FREE for me to make since we always have fishing line on hand.

Next party I’m definitely doing again! This time maybe I can borrow my friend’s Cricut ;)  Hmmm..Christmas gift idea?! YES!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Things that make me go, Hmmm

♥What’s the difference between Mild and Medium salsa? Which one is spicier then the other? seriously though!


♥Why do I try other drinks? Always stick with wine. Duh! #I’mTooOldForThisShit

My Three Moods:<br />I'm too old for this shit,<br />I'm too tired for this shit,<br />I'm too sober for this shit.


♥What’s a better guilty pleasure then reality tv?.. Nothing! Baby’s asleep?! Gimme my wine or Oasis and the remote, what’s next on my DVR?! I can’t wait for the Fall lineup to start!!


♥ Is there anything cuter then babies with puppies? I don’t think so..

As much as she loves Dogs and puppies, always barking when she sees them.. haha she HATED this!



♥ Also.. what took me so long to figure out.. the best way to get a picture of a toddler or baby on the move?? Videotape it! and then you can screen shot still shots! All of these pics of her and the puppies are from videos.. the actual pictures are all blurs. #DERRRRR


♥Do people still watch VH1? or MTV?!.. I have a confession.. one of the shows recorded on my dvr.. Dating Naked (VH1).. It’s so awkward and some how a tiny bit entertaining (if nothing else to watch)..Other then that.. commercials or previews of other shows.. nothing looks interesting.


♥Is there anything more frightening then when you turn on your camera and the Front facing camera is on?! What?! No! And now I’m horrified by what I look like right now! (ps. note to self.. stop doing the poofs.. does not look good)


♥How can 1 survive without Spark?! I’m running low..better reorder asap because I don’t want to know what it’s like to go days without!

I am fairly certain that given a cape, a tiara and some SPARK, I could rule the world. Advocare Spark is AMAZING!   Email: info@advocareeasttn.com  Visit our AdvoCare East TN Distributor Site https://www.advocare.com/130727094/Store/default.aspx


♥Umm.. Christmas is only 14 Fridays away!


♥Speaking of Christmas.. what’s kenzie gonna be for Halloween?! Suggestions??

Here’s a #tb to her first Halloween last year.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My life is full of playdates..

Now that Kenz is almost 15 months old I can say that I really enjoy getting out of the house now and hanging out with other moms and kids.. It’s now more for my sanity.. And of course because I want K to have lotsa friends and have all the social interaction. This was not the case though until she was about 10months or so..


I don’t know what it was.. I really don’t think I was suffering from some minor Post Partum depression.. but…I just really didn’t want to get out and mingle with anyone really, besides family.. I know it kinda sounds like it right? I just kinda wanted to figure this whole Baby thing out or being a mom thing out in my space where I was comfortable. We definitely got out of the house.. a lot.. like everyday we still went somewhere…shopping or on walks to my parent’s house..
Once I got more comfortable with her and our schedules (or really lack there of).. It became something fun to do.

Being invited to playdates before was intimidating.. I felt like she was still too young to play with other kids and I wasn’t going to have much in common with the other moms.. Sure they coulda gave me all their advice which would have been awesome but it was still scary to me.
Now funny thing.. I’m one of the admin for a Mom Group haha.. Yep I’m that mom. The fun Event Planner!
Pumpkin patch, bounce house par ks, Mom’s Night Out.. Sign me up! I’m all for em now and am making great friends!
Have any other mama’s  gone through this? I’m sure I’m not the only one.. I loved becoming a mom and it definitely didn’t feel too crazy but I can admit it just didn’t come natural I think. Now.. after 15 mos, still learning but I got this in the bag.. C’mon #2!